Martin Matthews (NLG)

Hodge Clough Primary School
Conduit Street, Moorside, OL1 4JX

I’m Martin Matthews and I am a National Leader of Governance (NLG). I was designated as a cohort 1 NLG in 2012 by the NCTL. I’m a manager in a specialist department of BT and I’m fortunate they allow me time for governance. Many years ago I was a teacher and this helps me understand how hard teachers work.

All NLG’s are volunteers like every other governor. We are selected, assessed and trained by the NCTL in the same way as all other system leaders.

I’m Chair of Governors at Hodge Clough Primary School in Oldham. Our school was formed in 2011 by the amalgamation of two schools. Our schools have been on a journey since the early 2000’s when one had five head teachers in five years.

I am also a governor at two other schools; a voluntary controlled school in East Manchester where the diocese sent me temporarily in 1999 and a school in special measures where I am an additional governor.

I submitted written evidence to the House of Commons education select committee inquires in 2012 and 2013.

In 2014 I graduated with the first MA (Ed) in governance. I studied modules on academisation, school leadership and structures. My thesis centred on identifying governance themes from 184 Ofsted reports.

I am one of 150 NCTL trained Governance reviewers and I have completed reviews of in many different types of school.
I was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2015 in recognition of my work with governance.

Areas of Expertise:
•  NCTL trained governance reviewer
•  New Chair mentoring
•  Head teacher recruitment – supporting governors and candidates
•  Head teacher dismissal
•  Head teacher performance management
•  Head Teacher/Chair of governors conflict resolution
•  Post Ofsted action planning (governance)
•  INSET for teachers/staff on governance
•  Pay decisions – how child progress relates to teacher pay
•  National and regional information sources
•  School amalgamation
•  Governors and complaints
•  Governance research

Topics I have recently supported governing bodies with include:
•  Should we academise?
•  Should we join a multi academy trust?
•  Challenge and how that works in a governing body
•  Governing body agendas
•  Chair of governors report to governors
•  The role of the Chair of governors
•  Head teacher report to governors

If it’s to do with governance we can usually find an NLG to help.